Sportzify was formed on 1st July 2015, when we launched our first beta version of the website targeting both sports and fitness domain and help our customers make a booking for the respective sports clubs and fitness facility. The focus was to build a community around sports and fitness and also motivate people to adopt an activity in their daily routine. Our motto is Stay Fit, Have Fun.


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We have moved a long way from where we started off to where we are at present. Sportzify, at present is a Sports Marketing and Management company, which is promoting Sports at localized sectors by involving the customers, the corporate organizations and the brands in a highly engaged environment around Sports.

I am trying to explore a product around sports domain which is part of the user’s daily chores. Here, I take care of the product roadmap and development for the web and mobile platforms, along with customer support, finance and operations. At times, I also assume the sales and business front of the company and close deals with potential brands and corporate organizations.

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