Hi! I am Chetan Agrawal.

I am a technology hacker and love working with JavaScript.

I am currently trying to create a product around sports and fitness domain, named Sportzify. Here, I take care of the product roadmap and development for the web and mobile platforms, along with customer support. At times, I also assume the business front of the company and close deals with potential partners.

In past, I have worked mostly on web platforms and my experience involves building solutions for a social networking platform and a flash-sale e-commerce platform.

My last company was CK-12 Foundation, which is a non profit organisation based at Silicon Valley in the domain of education and is thriving to innovate around delivering education freely to the world in the most engaging manner for both students and teachers. My role was to create and maintain new features around the tech ecosystem in all backend, frontend and mobile app. I am still part of CK-12 as a part-time consultant.

Previously, I have worked with Amazon.com subsidiary named MyHabit.com. The team I worked with is the complete owner of the e-commerce platform and my role was to solve problems in both backend and frontend pieces of the code.

In my free time I play guitar and my harmonica and sometimes sing too. It would be easy to make out that I love food by my appearance. I also like to explore around on the web as much as possible and do crazy stuff. I also have developed an itch to read and write poetries. Follow this blog to catch me doing all that crazy stuff.

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