I remember this very moment last year.

I had been up for about 40 hrs straight with an hour of break in between.
The list of bugs was very high and I was very tired. Had a morning flight to home.
Everyone were on the conf-call constantly trying to triage each one.

We were almost on a verge of missing our deadline again. This would be 4th time.

2 Red Bulls already down, on the third one now. Its 2 AM.
The product was not ready. (It is still not ready. It will never be.)
We decide “lets call it off”. Again. For the 4th time.

No, cant let that happen. There is too much at stake.
All I had to loose was self-confidence, but that was all I had.
Probably it was true for everyone.

So we all decided to give another hour to it and made sure all of it, was ready.
And it was ready.

But there were still things that were not considered of.
Technically speaking, I had not decided the servers and setups of the kind.
Forget the decision, I had never done that sort of thing.

Vikash told, guys lets wait for another day or two, and then we can launch.
“No”, was the inner voice, but I had no guts to say that especially when I had missed the date again.
Personally I felt too much at stake that time, I guess.
We called it off.

I decided to leave for home as it was already late.
Couldn’t sleep in the flight. Still thinking how to make the domain point to the server.
Literally thinking, as that was all I could do in a flight.

As soon as I reached home, I opened my laptop. Searched for the configuration.
It took me an hour and viola, I was all set to launch.

I gave everyone a call and we launched Sportzify.com at 11:00AM on 1st of July, 2015.
I remember the peace I felt after that.

I still couldn’t sleep that day.
I was looking at people looking at “my website”.
And since then, it has been a journey of a kind.

It’s been an Year!

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