Just finished watching TVF Pitchers S01E04, and a strange thought walked across the mind. A short one!

In the above episode, Naveen Bhansal took a good enough risk, by not backing off and tried to sell himself. The reel life showed its end beautifully. But it might not be as beautiful in real life. What if you screw up in real life?

Does life gives you a second chance?

And the very next moment, I thought of those messages in the motivational books and videos, which even Naveen Bhansal tried to convey in his own words.

Try and try, till you succeed.

The first highlighted thought is a question. And the second one is an indirect answer. Here is the conclusive thought.

Life always gives you a second chance. 

I am alive. And I ought to keep trying and try to make a good use of my life, for myself and my society. I ought to make it big. I might fail, again and again. But I always have my chances. Not one or two, but as many as I want it to be. So, I should never give up. Keep going. 

The only thing to stop me should be death.

Dear Life,

Till death do us apart, I will not give up!

– Chetan A.

Till Death do us apart…
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