There is this thing about beautiful cafes and beautiful people. They bring out the beautiful you. 

Sitting at a cafe with a friend, whom you haven’t met since ages, looking at old times and sharing the new ones, and then you strike this chord. You bring out the notions within you, to express, and suddenly feel the serenity of the thought. And, so universal, it can be at times, that you feel connected with the order, more bigger than your self.

Here is one such thought.

We live in this era, where we have so many things to do, so many things to experience. Can you have all that you want to?

Looking at my TODO list for the year now, I have finished almost 50% of things already. Here’s my secret 🙂

Start with it, Right Now!

While listening to my favourite song, I feel the desire to play and sing the song all by myself. I am not a professional musician or singer of any kind. Should I plan to learn it first and then do it? Nope. I take my instrument and try to play it. And surprisingly, I can play it good at times. Never perfect, but better each time.

You am not always aware of what all you can do and there is only one way to find it out. Try it! If you keep planning, there is a high chance that you might keep planning forever and never do it at all. So start now! 

Manage Your TODO List

There is something about the TODO lists, they keep changing, every day and forever. You will never remember all the things that you want to do. You may ask why is that so? Its because you never stop exploring. And the more you explore new things, the more you feel the desire to do new things.

Good thing would be to keep a track of all your desires and in such a way that they can be updated and added to, almost seamlessly. You can use whatever tool you prefer, from traditional small notebooks to digital Evernote app. But learn to manage it and update it and revisit it. Be Regular!

Long term vs Short term

Not always you can do everything rite away. I cant pack my bags and go off to Europe for a vacation tomorrow. But I can manage it over time. I can plan for it.
I’ll start saving money from my monthly pay checks, cut down my vacations at work, do overtime maybe and slowly would reach a stage to take off.

First thing is to identify & separate long term vs short term. Next, break your long term TODO into a series of small and actionable TODO with proper deliverables, that would make you closer to attaining your long term TODO. Its better said than done, so spend time on it and revisit your plans, look for improvements.

Think how to Finish, not when to Finish

There is nothing like the feeling, when you achieve what you wanted to. While putting timelines might be a good way to push yourself to achieve it faster, it might not be as much enjoying in terms of experience. 

Travellers don’t enjoy the destination, they enjoy the Travel itself.

Its not the sense of accomplishment that matters, its the experience you get out of an accomplishment. Focus on how, experience it and accomplishment shall be the fruit.

I am 25 now and maybe I shall probably live 40 years more. Its too short to run a rat race. But its long enough to finish anything and everything that I want to. Create a music album, write a book, build an organisation, what not!

So, revisiting the initial thought.

Q. Can you have all that you want to?

A. Of course, you can!

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