On a Sunday evening, sitting in one of the finest cafes in Bangalore, revisiting your past and feeling grateful about how you have grown is something most people would cherish. This is what I got to experience today.

Here is what I learned in past 6 months about myself.

Earning money will never be a problem.

The moment I decided to quit Amazon, I found myself interviewing with the best start-ups, who were willing to offer better compensation. I had an offer with me within a month. I joined my new company, CK-12 Foundation the very next month.

I realised that I am a sought-after resource to in many organisations, and earning money to survive shall never be a problem. I still get job offers both online and offline. Talk about financial security, eh!

Don’t Think, Just Do

I thought a lot about quitting Amazon in July but never made a decision.

When I decided, things changed and they did for the better.

Tried my hands on Freelancing. Not my cup of tea! For now! 😉

Trying to generate passive income now.

I tried and am still trying. I also failed at some. But I know why. I know what all should not be done to avoid failure. But getting dirty is part of it. Consequences would always make me better. So thinking about consequences and not trying out stuff is just a waste of time.

Some things will always be left behind

Lot of things changed when I moved to a new role in a new organisation. All my friends at Amazon were left behind. The comforts of an established organisation which is located near to your place at an amazing location behind a mall. I used to get a cab which would pick me up and drop me at home.

All these are not there in the startup establishment. The best thing about my workplace now is a filter coffee machine. But I have amazing work now which keeps me super busy.

Things will always change. And so will the people around. And that will always be beyond my control. Sometimes you ll have to let go of people you long for and care about. In the end, all shall be justified.

“NO” should be used more often

As I have heard from some friends and as my horoscope says, I am a pleasing person. I try to please everyone. Even if I have to let something go out of the way for myself, I would make an effort to please you.

That takes a toll. Sometimes it doesn’t pleases the one as much as it affects me.

So I started experimenting. Started denying. And things didn’t move much. I have refused to go out for weekend dinners with friends. I have refused to gaming nights. And the list goes on. Concentrated on my weekend projects which turned out to be a much better investment of time.

Now, I have a reputation of a snob. But hey, Opinions are in always in abundance. 😉

You will always “Connect the Dots” later

Output! Consequences are something that I worry or care about the most. I plan and I re-plan several times and it goes on with some level of execution. It goes right or goes complete haywire.

You wont always understand right away about why things happened the way they happened.

I didn’t used to understand why I cannot be a freelancer. Now having tried that I can connect to why I didn’t get traction before and where was it that I screwed up. As Steve Jobs said, you ll always be able to “connect the dots”. Just like I did.

Connecting the Dots

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