A good read for aspiring first time entrepreneurs.

The length of the book is short. Although it still touches almost all the aspects.
Good for the non persistent readers like myself.

I would have have preferred the name “a step by step guide to launch a profitable startup” as it takes you through the steps that you would want to take when starting your own business. Is doesn’t give you a time based approach to actually figure out the time between your job and your startup.

The steps that are mentioned are quite insightful. Especially the short summaries of the various books that the authors have read and recommended.
It provokes you to think in the direction that would be suitable for you personally and also points out the usual tendencies and fallacies that one can adopt and fail.

I would definitely keep my hands on it for further references.
Grateful to the authors for putting this piece together.

Book Review: Entrepreneur 5 pm to 9 am – Launching a Profitable Startup without Quitting your Job

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