It has been a long time since I have written.

Not that I have not tried. There are a numerous posts that lie deep inside of me. Thoughts, memories, small talks and incidents. Its hard to put them into words. These words, my old enemies, cannot express the value those incidents have in my life. 

So I decided to keep them within self.

I stopped Writing. I stopped Expressing. A closed box. A locked closet.

Now, there is a strange urge. Urge to Express. Urge to Prove. To Connect. Make a point. Share. Learn. Create. Recreate. Discuss. Break something.

I do all of the above with my friends all the time.

“Its all there in my head”

My friends would laugh at me for the line under quotes. But for everyone else, its just a line. You don’t know.

So I decided again. I decided to Express, again. My Experience, My Thoughts, Good Old Memories, the Poetry, the Songs, the one liners. As the experienced folks say.


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