Best time to write about exams is when it is not an exam time because everyone has time to read your blog at that time. This can be one such explanation why I am writing the following and yes, it is in the favour of students. Again Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots also can be one such excuse.
But, then have we ever thought that what and why are examinations for?
Somebody says “ marks ” and other says “ I wanna TOP ”. Fine, but what led to developement of such an education system.
What I realized is exams were to test ourselves if we have learned the subject properly or not. As of today, 90% seems to be the lower benchmark in every house, and upon being asked the basics, the student nods his head. One such example from my life is as follows. I heard Mr.Pavan Gupta, SIDHSRI, sharing his one such experience where he describes few boys having passed class 12 and not able to do the mathematics of 8th grade. Examinations, have become a means of grade, and  better grade means better job (so called success) & that ends the story. So, where is the mistake??
Following is just a proposal:-
If the student take the responsibility that he knows the subject well, then, would there be any requirement of an examiner and gradesheet. In present scenario, some other guy (the examiner) takes the responsibility that student knows the subject or not (no guarantee that he knows it ! ). This is where, I feel, mistake is. Is it possible for any human to take responsibility of others mistakes. Greatest educationalist of the era have said that there is some lack in the examination system but even they don’t know what is it that lacks. Remember, this is just a proposal.
Would like to to end in bollywood style – “Success ke  picche nahi, Excellence ke picche bhago!!!”.
Zindagi ek RACE hai.. (and so forth) .. from 3 IDIOTS
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