Season’s greetings 
Best wishes
for a
Happy & Prosperous
NEW YEAR, 2010
Above is the greeting message, that I used to write in each & every handmade New Year card in which something used to pop-out (if u know whats a pop-up card). I know its a bit late, but Happy New Year to all.
 But what I would like to understand is what is there to celebrate?. Don’t hit me, this is just a question.This happens every year at the same time and same date. And its just another year ending, not any personality having a birthday (or death day), or some mythological hero killing the enemy of the world on the very day(although u can google something here, but none of importance as much). Then, why do we celebrate it. Every New Year day, a large sum of money is spent (/wasted) on partying, drinking, disco, etc. What if this sum is donated or put up for some good cause, say against global warming or education or something else. Wouldn’t that make a better change.
After hours of thinking (just joking!), I realized that people just want another reason to celebrate another Sunday in a week. We just want another reason to be happy as there are already a lot of reasons for us to be sad. But, at the very instant, I thought why is 1st Jan , not a Govt. holiday then (it is, in some places). Still, couldn’t find an answer. Please help me sort it out …
Happy New Year 2010, but . . . .
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