You all might have seen the movie “Luck”. Now there is a similar theme with “Chance pe Dance”, where a boy gets an opportunity to dance by a matter of Luck. This is not my review on the upcoming movie “Chance pe Dance” or anything related to bollywood. Just thought about the title & got something to share about what we call luck or chance (not to be confused with opportunity).
We always wish “Good Luck” or “All the Best” sort of things to our loved ones going to fight a war (by war, I mean just competition) in this world. Upon failing, we again curse the Luck (“Bad Luck” and sorts ! ). I am not against competition, but what is this Luck thing?. We succeed and fail by the measure of hard-work we put in. Then where does this Luck comes into play. Another part of this is our sun-sign telling us our destiny. I have seen people believing strongly in Raahu Kaal not stepping out during the period.
This is what I believe…
We all have come up with a purpose (wouldn’t like to mention) to be served. To serve that purpose, we do require some resources and opportunity. If we are made available with those resources and opportunities, be it as a gift or by our hard-work, that is our Luck. So, it should be “Dance pe Chance” & not the other way round.
And about Destiny, I do believe that future predictions can be made by some calculations on the present, but it is not like the last word of God that cannot be changed, or something is sure to happen.
But, thats completely my thought (& maybe of some people, near me) and you have the full right to comment…
Chance Pe Dance
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